Cheese rolls

200 gr bold or fatty cheese 1 tbsp icing sugar 2-3 tbsp coconut 3 pieces 3 pieces of dried apricots prunes pinch of vanilla.
The cheese thoroughly with powdered sugar. Dried fruit pour a little hot water, to allow them to swell for 10 minutes. Swollen dried fruit cut into small pieces. On the Mat for sushi put plastic wrap, cover it with an even layer of coconut flakes. On top of the coconut put the curd and to level the surface. In the middle to spread along the thin strip of dried fruits. Tightly roll cheese roll with food film. Put in the fridge for 15-20 minutes until firm. Remove the curd roll from the refrigerator, cut into small pieces. This requires a sharp, moistened knife. Ready cheese rolls to decorate to your taste and serve.